About Lucy's House

Thanks for visiting Lucy's House!

This blog began as a means to document the transformation of our first house. In June 2010, we bought a 1920s New Englander in the seacoast area of New Hampshire.

The house was charming and had great features, but it needed a lot of work and updates!

We did a major renovation before we even moved in, ripping down and installing all new walls, ceilings, and trim throughout the house, and now that we're settled in our home there are still lots and lots of projects left to do! It's been a long and constantly evolving process, but we've learned a ton along the way and wouldn't have done a thing differently. I hope you enjoy following our adventures as we make Lucy's house into a home!

Meet Lucy!

Lucy is our Saint Bernard and one of the biggest reasons that we bought this house. At a year and a half old, she's around 150 pounds and still growing!

We brought her home when she was just 9 weeks old, and about 25 pounds. It's hard to believe she was ever this small. She grew so fast! 

As Lucy grew bigger and bigger, and became such an important part of our lives, it was clear that she needed more space to stretch those giant paws of hers! So, logically, we did what most people would do and... bought a house for her (and us) to grow up in. Yup. We're devoted.

Meet Lucy's parents!

I'm Hilary, and that's Branden. 

Branden loves classic cars, tinkering, obscure movies, York Peppermint Patties, and drinking Sunkist.  

I love decorating and design, Alice in Wonderland, zombie movies, sparkly things, and drinking tea.

Also, Lucy. We both love Lucy.