Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Less than a week away...

Friday afternoon is our final walk through before we close on the house. This is our opportunity to make sure that nobody burned it down or smeared dog crap on the walls in the time between inspection and now. I’m really looking forward to getting back into the house and being able to take pictures, since my lovely boyfriend was pretty useless in that department the last time he was there. Love him anyways!

This will also be our opportunity to see what appliances have been left in the house. It was up to the seller whether to leave the fridge, range, washer, and dryer. So we have no idea if those things will be there when we move in or not. On Friday we’ll be able to find out if we need to make a run to Sears asap! I’m crossing my fingers that they’ve at least left some appliances behind. Who really wants to move a stove anyway?

I’ve started packing up a lot of the downstairs stuff—mostly decorative things and stuff that we don’t need on a daily basis—but we still have tons more to do. I can’t believe how quickly this month has flown by and we’re less than a week away from owning our own house. Crazy!

I’m unbelievably excited to be this close to closing, but at the same time I have this terrible feeling that something could go awry at the last minute. We had some issues with the bank earlier on and the financing seemed like it was going to fall through. After some emergency meetings and number crunching, it worked out. But it still makes me wary that this isn’t quite in the bag yet. This has definitely been an exciting but stressful experience so far, so I’m looking forward to seeing it all finished!

Here are some room design inspirations that I’d love to translate in some capacity to our house:

I really want to go with an icy blue, brown, and cream theme for our bedroom. I’d like see a more romantic light fixture than this though. Something with some more movement, like a dangly chandelier—but not glitzy!

I love this putty color for the living room, and I'm pretty sure we own this exact rug. Our couch is a tapestry kind of pattern (red, beige, sage, gold, etc.) so we need to stick with warm colors for the walls. While I love red walls, I think we're gong to need to go with something more neutral to not overwhelm the space and to help it flow into the other rooms.

We want to go with a medium-toned shaker cabinet for the kitchen remodel. I'd like to use a quartz countertop, as I really like the little flecks of sparkle that you get in quartz. It gives the counter a nice dimension.

The feel of this porch is so inviting. I want to put either a swing or glider on the porch. The porch is one of the things I loved the most about the house when we saw it, and I want to utilize it as an extension of the indoor living space.

I'm trying not to get overwhelmed by the endless amount of work ahead of us! Six days and counting!!!

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