Saturday, August 28, 2010

Everything and the kitchen sink

It's crunch time around here. I have just over three weeks to get my office in order before I start working from home full time. Prior to a few days ago, the office had been the dumping ground for our still numerous unpacked boxes and things to find homes for. So we've finally gotten down to business on this room.

The color scheme I decided on way back is cream (walls) and chocolate brown, with white and bright green accents. I got my color inspiration from a photo on the back of a paint chip. Don't judge me.

We picked up an unfinished hardwood desk and have been staining and finishing it the past week or so. Here it is before we started working on it:



And here's the desk, in progress, after a couple of coats of ebony stain:


(Notice the piles of boxes still in the corner...)

Branden topped it off with a coat of mahogany to bring in some more brown tones. Now it just needs a few coats of varnish and a sweet decorative knob for the drawer, and it will be ready for my 40 hour work week!

The next office project is painting this bookcase:


I'm going to prime it this weekend, along with the matching filing cabinet that you can see in the very top photo. I'm not sure which color I'll make them yet, but I'm leaning towards white. I want to adhere some decorative paper to the inside part of the bookcase--something graphic in my color scheme--to give it a little extra interest. Hopefully I can find something good!

Moving on from the ongoing office project, my crazy need to organize had me tackling something that has been driving me nuts lately: under the kitchen sink. Here's the chaos I was dealing with:


It was enough to make me pretty much homicidal every time I opened those cabinet doors. "How did it get like this??" I asked myself. So, I picked up some cheap bins at Target for around $5 each and spent some time reorganizing. I know it's a super minor change, but the result makes me so much happier.


Ahhhhhh. So calming.

And yes, I know I'm crazy. But these kinds of things make me happy. So suck it.

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