Saturday, August 21, 2010

The little things

It's amazing how little things like light switches and outlets can make a big difference in a room. Earlier this week, all of the power outlets and switches throughout the house went from looking like this:

To this:

Something so simple has really made the house feel so much more complete! Plus, I don't worry about getting electrocuted when I reach for the switch in the dark anymore. :)

We also scored about 800 bucks in free work because the electrician wasn't able to order two-prong white face plates for the electrical outlets. So instead of backordering them, he switched all of the outlets over to three-prong (there were still some in the house that hadn't been converted). That work alone was going to cost around $800, and ended up not costing us a dime! So we got all updated three-prong outlets in matching white, and can say goodbye to those stupid adapter things forever. Amen!

Inspired, we finally decided to put an end to this half-installed light fixture that's been dangling from our bedroom ceiling for weeks.




Now I'm not a big fan of these boob-looking lights, but it's better than the outdated frosted glass fixture from the 40s that was in here when we bought the house. And being on a budget, these lights were the clear winners. I would much rather have something softer, maybe a small chandelier or something with capiz shells, but this will certainly do for now!

While we were on an installing roll, we also finally put up the same fixture in the upstairs hallway. We had been without a light on the stairs since we moved in, and Lucy does not enjoy going up or down in the dark one bit. That big heavy head of hers causes some serious downward momentum, which has caused her to trip and fall more than once.



Much better!

Lucy greatly appreciates the small change. And while we did drop a couple of screws along the way, putting the project on hold while I searched each step of the staircase with a flashlight, it was a relatively easy job and well worth it. :)

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