Thursday, January 6, 2011


Happy 2011! That sounds weird still. We had a wonderful Christmas with lots of sah-weeet food, presents, and family time. My favorite gift was a gorrrgeous diamond pendant necklace that Branden gave me. He's such a good boyfriend. :)

Right around New Years I got the itch to start de-Christmas-ifying the house. I love the sparkle and festivity of the holidays, but after a while it gets to be too much. After everything was taken down and tucked in bins the house instantly felt so much calmer and more spacious. I'm loving it.

In a crazy cleaning spurt, I decided to move the telephone table (remember how we refinished it?) into the corner of the living room where the Christmas tree was. And I instantly loved it. Somehow sticking it in that corner made the room feel much bigger! I'm guessing because it draws your eye to the corner and just how large the room actually is.


Now, I've been thinking and planning even more updates. First of all I want to buy a pair of matching chairs with a smaller footprint to replace that beige one and the black leather recliner on the other side of the room (I hate that chair). I'm toying with the idea of an art gallery wall on the right-hand wall. And I love the look of a sunburst mirror above the sofa (even though B isn't a fan, he might get overruled....)

Here is my game plan:


(Please excuse my poor Photoshopping/cloning... I was being lazy.)

I've been eyeing the Tullsta chairs at Ikea (above) and at $99 each they're super affordable. I have no idea what they're like in person though, so they could be super flimsy. I'll have to see.

The spot next to the TV where the telephone table used to be was a little bare, so I plopped down a red ottoman that we had there as a placeholder. I'm not sure what will end up living there (if anything). For now I'm liking the more open feel of this wall without the table there:


I'd like to add another Tullsta chair (or something similar) to this side of the room where the recliner now lives. Here's roughly what it would look like:


If Branden had his way we would have a cigar store Indian or taxidermy standing black bear in that spot, so I'd better figure it out soon...

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