Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Before and after: chair re-do

While I love love love the color of the dining room, I haaaate hate hate the fabric on our hand-me-down dining chairs. They've been recovered many times, and the last time was by my sister on a very limited budget. The fabric was pretty hideous (sorry Laura!).

So I decided to finally just go pick out fabric and reupholster them, since I've hated them for so long. Branden and I took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked out fabric for the chairs as well as for our bedroom curtains. (I've never made curtains before, so stay tuned for how those turn out! Eep!) We ended up picking out the same pattern for both, just in different colors. We didn't even realize it at first. I guess you like what you like!

Here's the chair before:

And here's how they look with some fresh new fabric:

It's such an easy and inexpensive way to give the room a completely different feel. The light green pattern works really well with the wall color, the drapes, and the area rug under the table. The dining room is still in a bit of disarray, so once that's in better shape I'll post a picture of the whole shabang. Until then, you'll have to deal with just this little sneak peek makeover!

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