Saturday, July 17, 2010

Before and after: dining room progress

Since I finished reupholstering all of the dining room chairs (after having to go back to Jo Ann's for more fabric... oops), I figured it would be a good time to show the progress in the second most complete room in the house: the dining room.

Lest we forget what we were dealing with, here's the dining room when we bought the house, complete with weird ceiling panels and peeling wallpaper:

And during renovations:
(I know my sis won't be psyched about having this picture up! Sorryyy!)

It was a hot mess, for sure. So without further ado, here is the dining room currently:

Amazing! While there's obviously still a lot to do here, I kind of can't believe how far this room (and the house in general) has come. Beautiful new ceilings, walls, crown molding, paint... it's an entirely new house.

We bought some stain for the solid oak table (which Branden is incredibly attached to), so once it's darkened up a little bit it will blend with the room a lot better. Though I thought I hated them before they were recovered, the chairs are working for me now. The ornate scroll designs on the chairs are actually kind of a nice juxtaposition to the hard angles of the Shaker style table. I'm liking it for now.

Anyway, the chandelier needs to move over a bit and we need some kind of buffet table for the corner, but we're in no rush. For now I just can't believe that it ever turned into a real and beautiful room!

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