Saturday, June 19, 2010

Primed and ready

Lots of progress around Lucy's house the past few days! I'll just cut to the chase. And by chase, I mean pictures.

The dining room and living room have been been sanded and primed! They're ready for paint and crown molding and then they'll be finished!! Wow, that sentence seems so impossible. But it's true!

Here's the living room in all its clean, white glory:


We've decided not to reinstall the china cabinet in the corner above. Once we got it out it really opened the room up. And I was never a huge fan of the design anyway. It was very outdated. Plus, it had been added later (probably in the 70s or 80s) and was made of crappy particle board. So, off to the dumpster it goes!

The dining room is looking great. I can't wait to see our new chandelier installed.

I think the biggest transformation so far is the office upstairs. This room looks so complete already and it's only been primed! It's SO much cleaner and brighter:

The guest bedroom walls are all up now and it's ready for primer as well:

The master is getting there, with just one more wall to complete.

So those are the big changes on the inside. We're definitely coming along! Everything is projected to be finished by Friday, so we're less than a week away from completion! It doesn't even seem possible that the house can look so great given what we started with. Can't wait to see the paint colors!

The yard is making progress too. Branden and our friend Josh spent last night cutting up the shed roof into pieces and hauling them to the dumpster.


It's tough to tell now with all the debris, but getting that shed down really has opened the yard up a ton!

I'm off to Florida until Wednesday, but I'll hopefully have tons of progress to share when I get back. The downstairs should probably be completely finished by then. Can't wait!!

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