Monday, June 14, 2010

Tetanus anyone? Yes, please!

So a few days ago when I first posted about our plans to dismantle our backyard shed, I jokingly said that I would be staying out of the way to avoid any trips to the emergency room. Har har har, I laughed. Because it was a joke. Of course we wouldn't be going to the hospital! It would all be fine! Piece of cake! Well.

After hours of Branden and his father attacking the shed's surprisingly solid frame with sledgehammers, sawzall, ropes, pulleys, and brute force, the behemoth finally came down.

Here's Branden sawing into the last standing side:

The roof, finally almost down:

This picture was taken just shortly before they victoriously collapsed the whole thing into a big pile of wood scraps.

I don't have any pictures of it completely down because this is right about the time that Branden got a nail through his foot. He continues working, mind you, until the shed is completely collapsed, saying that he's fine and we can just go to the ER after it's done.

So once the job was done we headed over to the hospital:

They decided to take an x-ray and found that a half-inch piece of the nail had broken off and was lodged inside his foot. So while he continued to swing a sledgehammer into a shed wall, he had a half inch of rusty tetanus-and-mouse-pee-infested nail inside his foot. We had been at the ER for over an hour, and waiting for anesthesia would take at least another hour, so in his infinite wisdom he told the nurse to just go ahead and remove it right then. Being too impatient to wait, and because he's a freak who doesn't feel pain, he had them cut his foot open and pull the nail out without any local anesthesia. They gave him a tetanus booster and a band-aid and we were on our way.

Side note: emergency rooms are very strange places. I know it's unfair to generalize, but the trashiest people were in there. There was yelling, crying, limping, and all around it was kind of a freakshow. Entertaining though.

Weekend Tally
Sheds dismantled: 1
Trips to the hospital: 1

All in all, I'd call it a wash.

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