Thursday, June 17, 2010

The palette unveiled

Work is coming along really nicely at the house. Our contractor expects to be finished with every room painted and primed by the end of next week! I'm so psyched to have everything done by the time we move in next Sunday. Such a relief.

So since the walls and ceilings are almost all up, it was finally time to stop overanalyzing and going back and forth on everything and finally just pull the trigger and pick the paint colors! Unfortunately, as a through-and-through Gemini this was nearly impossible for me. Because every time I picked a color I liked I just had this terrible nagging feeling about if there was some other color that would really work better. Luckily, Branden is super focused and really good at reigning me in and forcing me to make decisions! Thank god somebody can do that around here.

Anyway, without further ado, here is the palette we chose, all from Benjamin Moore. Keep in mind that online swatches look very different than in person, so these aren't going to look exact. But they'll give an idea of the overall feel of the colors we chose!

The living room will be Shaker Beige. We moved away from anything with green tones and went for something warmer and more neutral:

Dining room will be Natural Elements. We'll also use this color on the stairwell (which opens into the dining room) and the upstairs hallway:

Upstairs, we'll have Silvery Blue in the master bedroom. This color is much more gray than it's showing on my computer screen. The bedroom will be a blue, chocolate brown, and cream color scheme:

The guest bedroom will be a bit darker, in Fieldstone:

Last, the office will be Beach Haven and will eventually get a cream, chocolate brown, and green color scheme:

Seeing all of the colors together, I think it's going to give the whole house a really cohesive color palette. And with the crisp white trim and crown molding in each room, it's all going to look clean and fresh. I'm really relieved that the decision is over and I'm really happy with it. I can't wait to see it done!

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