Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Fence is up!


The fence went up this weekend!

It was a big production, but luckily we had help. (thankyouthankyouthankyou!)

First we had to haul over the materials: fence panels and posts, and we rented a two-man auger, which turned out to be pretty invaluable. It made the process go a lot faster.


There's the auger in the background. Next we needed to measure everything and make sure we had a straight, level line to follow before we dug any holes.


Next Branden and his brother dug the holes and plunked the posts in.


We filled the holes with concrete, making sure they're filled completely.



Once the posts were in and cemented, we needed to let everything set overnight. The next day Josh came by to help with putting up the panels.


(Sawing things, like a man)



Because the side of the yard is a gradual slope, we needed to stagger the panels. Our plan is to cover up the gaps in the bottom with some lattice.

We got almost the entire yard fenced in. The only part still open is a 15-foot section on the left side of the house, where the gate will go in. We're still not quite sure how the gate situation works, but we're working on it. :)

Somehow, closing the yard in made it feel even bigger. I was expecting the opposite, but I think it drew more attention to just how HUGE our yard is!


I can't wait to see Lucy frolick around out here!




The next project is staining the fence before we get tons of rain this weekend. We bought a power sprayer which is a pain in the butt to use but is way faster than a brush.


I'll post more pictures when it's done!

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